Prospering in Mississippi

Creative Counter Offer Rewards Investor With An EVEN BETTER Price!

We have been taking the course for a few months and have made several offers. Still nobody seemed to be ready to sell their house. Then we found an ad in the paper that read desperate seller, need to sell before June 21st. This grabbed my attention.

We made the phone call and finally got through to the seller. After a short discussion, we set up a date when I could view the property. I went and checked the property out. 5 BR 3bath house in the most popular school district in my entire area. I took notes and did all that I was taught in order to ensure that I didn't offer too much. His asking price was 178K, my max offer worked out to be 168. I offered him 160K and he replied, "I can't do that, but I will meet ya in the middle. I then said OK what is the middle price to you. He replied 155K. I then repeated his price back to him and even spelled it out. He said that was correct, so I agreed on the price that was 5K lower than I offered. This just shows you what you can do when you follow the correct teachings and establish a friendly dealing atmosphere. Thanks for all the lessons thus far and all to come.

Shane & Janet A.
Kokomo, MS

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